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  • Most probably you are organizing your trip including the visit to the famous Iguassu waterfalls. Due to its location and environmental concept, Yacutinga Lodge has become the best option to know in detail the peculiarities of the “Selva Misionera”. Yacutinga is the ideal extension for your trip to the waterfalls incase you are nature lovers, curious, interested in a full contact with subtropical jungle and eager for a different experience away from mass tourism and wild life.

  • Yacutinga Lodge has been designed to provide you with good amenities in the jungle. The rooms are very comfortable, spacious, with private bathrooms and hot water 24 hrs. per day. The common areas are very pleasant, characterized by a peculiar architecture that mimics completely with the forest that surrounds us. Since Yacutinga is an environmental conservation project it does not provide some of the typical services of the traditional hotels. We say at Yacutinga that we do not offer “luxury” but provide “balance”. This means that we have no TV, no telephone, no air conditioning, no hairdryers hair or any other typical serviceof a 5 star hotel .At Yacutinga we emphasize on a simple way of life without consume, more relaxed, entering in the rhythm of nature that here prevails. We seek to impact on the environment as little as possible. We prioritize low power consumption; we refuse to unnecessary noises and emphasize in every sense our guest’s relationship with fauna and flora of the place. Our environmental project, basing its economy in an ecotourism low-impact use, seeks to provide you with peace and tranquility. The idea is to discover the simplicity of life surrounded by this wonderful nature.

  • I would say that a minimum of 2 nights, while many of our guests have commented that 1 or 2 extra nights would have offered time to enjoy and explore fully the place We know that your trip to the Southern Cone of Latin America is very important to you and there are so many interesting and worthy places to be visited, surely, while organizing this trip you will have to schedule your journey properly. Therefore, my most honest recommendation is to book our Yacutinga Experience (2 nights) program. In case you like a memorable soft adventure experience and nature is a must for you I believe our Yacutinga Nature and Guarani Culture (3 nights) will be suitable as a remarkable option. Do not miss the opportunity of a longer stay with us if you have special interest in birds, in butterflies and medicinal plants, or simply seeking an anti-stress option, consider our 4 night packages.

  • We take care of your transfer from the town of Puerto Iguazu (Argentina). All our programs include transportation from Puerto Iguazu to Yacutinga, and return. Guests must be at the meeting point at 2 PM. The transfer departs from the meeting point towards Yacutinga Lodge at 2.30PM. We do not accept guests travelling with their own vehicle to the Lodge for several reasons, but perhaps the most important is the difficulty in transiting these clay and slippery roads in case of rain. We do not want anybody to encounter difficulties while trying to arrive independently to the Lodge, or worse, trying to leave the Lodge with their own vehicle. We have been living many years in the jungle and know its operational complexities; this is why we prefer to transfer you in our own vehicles and with the knowledge of the necessary routes. In case that for unrelated reasons you are unable to arrive on time to our meeting point (14.00 hrs.), you have to arrive in a private transfer.

  • Beyond the experience of staying in a subtropical forest, we believe that your visit to Yacutinga will provide you many additional experiences.-The fact of discovering and exploring the trails and waters that form the Yacutinga reserve during our organized excursions, will definitely feed and broad your knowledge about of this type of ecosystem.- Yacutinga’s characteristics and concepts promoting an excellent relationship between local people and visitors will also offering our visitor a South American vision regarding the environment and society. In a globalized world we believe that this cultural exchange is very positive.-The ecosystem from which Yacutinga Lodge is part of is one of the most threatened natural environments of our planet. It is technically called Atlantic Forest Interior. Because we love this jungle we want you to get to know its environmental situation and State of conservation. Our guest is not just a visitor, but someone who directly or indirectly helps us to keep this relic of Atlantic forest. If you decide to participate in what we’re doing here, you will be making your holiday something interesting,socially and environmentally useful.-The atmosphere which dominates this place is of respect to the environment. This has allowed us to adequately protect the 570 hectares of forest that compose the Yacutinga reserve reason we managed to responsibly relate to the wildlife that inhabits this protected area, to know its corners and dazzle us with each expression of life offered to us. We have learned during all these years in the forest, to be surprised with every detail, every natural process, with each color and each aroma. If you open your senses, we invite you to discover all these small largedetails that characterize one of the the most bio-diverse environments of our planet. Ultimately, it’s an interpretative and nourishing experience.

  • We have three types of rooms. All rooms have an intense view to the surrounding jungle, very comfortable bedsand 100% cotton linen .Private bathroom, hot water 24 hrs. Also they presents a security box, a simple and interesting decoration, astove fireplace for the cold mornings during our winter and a small porch for you to enjoy in the light of candlesthe natural environment.We have matrimonial, twin and triple rooms. We also have one special room, wider and comfortable, some-whataway from the central buildings of the Lodge. We call it “Suite Yatei”.

  • The Argentine Subtropical jungle is rather temperate throughout the year. While during the months ofDecember, January and February it is usually warm. This ecosystem does not have is marked seasons of rain and drought. It is an evergreen Forest, with four distinct seasons.There are regular rainfall throughout the year, being the months of July and August the driest ones. Duringthe months of April, May and June the cold winds of Patagonia may come, carrying some fine drizzle that lastseveral days. On the other side, during the months of December, January, February and March, heavy, but shortrainfalls coming from the Amazon are characteristic in the afternoon.

  • The trip that you this planning surely run through very diverse landscapes, from forests to deserts, from cities to glaciers. South America is a very vast sub-continent and Argentina in particular is a country with an impressive variability of climates and landscapes. We say here, that it is possible to observe from hummingbirds to Penguins. Therefore, nothing better than traveling well prepared and having considered all details, in particular those related to you and your companions health. Remember that you coming from other climates and regions, and your body is most probably not this immunized to various ailments present in our region. Many people ask us about the presence of malaria, dengue and yellow fever in the area and we want to be very honest: there have been cases of dengue and yellow fever in the area. To deny it or ignore it would be a lie. But this does not mean that everybody is suffering or has suffered these diseases, on the contrary I can confirm that we are a very healthy and strong society enjoying good health. Therefore, I recommend you consult with your doctor and apply the vaccines you consider convenient in order to minimize any problem that could arise during the journey.

  • We don´t accept credit cards. Beverages are not included in our rate. The consumptions at the Lodge will be paid upon check-out and please note that we do NOT accept any type of credit cards . The following currencies are accepted: Pesos (Argentina), Reais (Brazil), US Dollars and Euros.