Iguazu Rainforest | Misiones - Argentina
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The Lodge | Common Areas

The Lodge has been designed considering your needs and the conservation of the surrounding environment. Here, all buildings melt perfectly with nature. The central garden is a peaceful oasis.

Lying comfortably in a hammock at the border of the pool or close the fireplace agoutis, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and butterflies can been spotted easily.We have built Yacutinga following modern parameters of sustainability. As a result the general design is quite comfortable, including rustic and organic shapes.

The lobby
Special care was taken during the construction process to minimize the negative natural impacts. The main building with the reception, the main restaurant, the BBQ area and the living room provide a unique atmosphere surrounded by a Palmetto forest (Euterpeedulis).

The restaurant
At Yacutinga Lodge we respect local culture while incorporating traditional food at international standards.
The ingredients for the food we prepare at the Lodge come mainly from neighboring farmers who do not use chemicals and depending on the season, we receive supplies from the local producers of the nearby town “Andresito”.


Our food has that unique and distinguished taste of homemade food, prepared with fresh and balanced ingredients. We offer vegetarian menus and in case our guests request a special menu we elaborate it gladly.

Central Garden
From the main building, you can reach the “Inner Garden” and get to the pool and the bar area.